October 2 – Personhood Live Panel

At 7:00 PM on Friday, October 2nd, this page will redirect to the Social Justice Film Festival Facebook page.

If you have reached this page after 7:00pm, try refreshing your browser to be redirected to the live panel on Facebook.

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Policing Pregnancy in America – Live Panel with PERSONHOOD

Threats to women’s reproductive freedom have been quietly growing for years. Now, they are closer than ever to a point of no return. The documentary Personhood investigate the growing system of laws in America that criminalize and police pregnant women.

Join Jo Ardinger and Rosalie Miller, two of the women behind the documentary “Personhood,” for a discussion of the process and challenges of creating a documentary that brings these laws to light.This event is one of four free filmmaker events occurring as part of the 2020 Social Justice Film Festival.

To learn more about “Personhood,” including how to view it before the live panel, visit https://www.socialjusticefilmfestival.org/2020-program/personhood

Learn more at www.socialjusticefilmfestival.org

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