The Good Mind

In defiance of treaties, NY state stole most of the Onondaga Nation’s land. This film follows Onondaga Nation leaders as they strive to protect their sovereignty and culture, seek justice for the wrongs done to their traditional lands, and work to prevent further harm.

(Gwendolen Cates, 66 min, USA)

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What Makes Black People Black?What Makes Black People Black?

A visual essay tackling Black identity and its relationship with media, this film provides a critical look at stereotypes, misrepresentation, and police brutality through the eyes of an adolescent. (Eli Lutale, 7 min, USA)

local-treasure-orange-jelly-fish-still2Local Treasure

Local Treasure unveils the largest beach restoration project on Puget Sound. This film highlights a 10-year collaborative project focused on restoring the natural processes of the shoreline to create a healthier ecosystem. (Christy X, 20 min, USA)

Goodwin’s Way

Short Synopsis:

Goodwin’s Way explores a British Columbia town’s resistance to a coal-powered future 100 years after the killing of controversial local labor activist Ginger Goodwin.

Sponsored by MacDonald Hoague & Bayless.

(Neil Vokey, 56 min, Canada)

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Long Synopsis:

Almost a century after controversial labor activist Ginger Goodwin was shot down, residents of Cumberland, B.C. find themselves at a crossroads when highway signs honoring his memory disappear.

By removing the signs marking “Ginger Goodwin Way”, supporters claim that the provincial government aimed to erase a powerful legacy of workers’ rights. Meanwhile, his critics argue that Goodwin was nothing more than a lawbreaker, a draft-dodger, and a rabble-rouser.

The notorious Cumberland mine worker took part in some of Canada’s most important labor battles of the early 1900s. Blackballed after the bitter 1912 Vancouver Island miner’s strike, Goodwin fought for the eight-hour workday at the height of World War I, while boldly opposing the conscription of his fellow workers. His influence was so great that his death in 1918 prompted Canada’s first-ever general strike.

Now, just two kilometers from the road that once bore his name, clouds loom over the site of a newly-proposed coalmine. While Cumberland’s young families dream of transcending their town’s traditional reliance on a boom-and-bust resource economy, the Raven Coal Project threatens to return the region to a era that left boarded-up buildings, slag heaps, and industrial clean-up sites in its wake.

Goodwin’s Way examines a town’s grassroots resistance to a coal-powered future, as Cumberland residents reconnect with Goodwin’s legacy of passionate defiance: his “way.”

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Real WorkThe Real Work

This film interrogates the concept of “hard work” through interviews and a social experiment in which 15 people dig holes in a field during a tempestuous Vermont day.
(Jamie McCallum, 5 min, USA)

shymara-at-popeyes-stillA Job I Can Enjoy

The first time Shymara Jones, a Popeye’s worker, went to a protest, she didn’t know where she was supposed to stand. The second time she went on strike, she brought 6 of her coworkers with her, soon becoming a leader in the growing movement for $15 and a union for fast food workers. (Milena Velis, 10 min, USA)

fareshare1jpegFare Share

Through the stories of four Uber and Lyft drivers, this film explores the complexities of the ride-share industry, revealing the challenges of protecting workers’ rights as the nature of work evolves. (Adrienne von Wolffersdorff, 30 min, USA)

Promised Land

Promised Land follows two tribes in the Pacific Northwest — the Duwamish and the Chinook — as they fight for the restoration of treaty rights they’ve long been denied.

(Sarah and Vasant Samudre Salcedo, 98 min, USA)

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img_1185Safe Passage

This short film features two Northwest tribes working to save the Salish Sea, and to protect their traditional fishing grounds, in the face of growing pressure from fossil fuel exports through Pacific Northwest waterways.

(Jessica Plumb, 7 min, USA and Canada)