The Social Justice Film Festival & Institute (SJFFI) believes that film is a powerful means to engage with other people, raise awareness about global justice issues, and build community relationships across differences.

We are living in a time of dichotomies: change and stasis, connection and isolation, dismantling and empowerment. Films invite us to reach beyond our everyday ways of knowing and seek connection. This year, our 9th annual Social Justice Film Festival theme is “Transform: Another World is Possible,” highlighting the promise of a world lifting together.

Your support will help bring the festival to life.

Your sponsorship and participation is crucial to our ability to present our 2020 festival. Due to COVID-19, we are partnering with Meaningful Movies and Northwest Film Forum to present this year’s festival entirely online. Together, we will raise awareness, build community, and support the art of storytelling through films. The SJFFI also aims to support underrepresented filmmakers and provide a platform for unacknowledged stories.

People we reach

  • Advocates, changemakers, and other thoughtful and committed community members at screenings in King County, Snohomish County, and Spokane County, with some 4,500 viewers to date.
  • An engaged and loyal audience, with more than 2,000 community members following the festival through our digital newsletter year round.
  • 30 social justice film groups around Puget Sound through special festival events in collaboration with the Duwamish Tribal Community, Northwest African American Museum, and Meaningful Movies.

What does your support mean?

  • A much-needed platform for the unique stories of our world and community that relate to social justice and courage.
  • Encouragement for young, independent, and underrepresented filmmakers and community producers to develop their craft. 
  • Unique postfilm discussions with special community guests, journalists, and filmmakers, bringing together cinema and conversation for the common good.

We continue to reach out to partners whose mission aligns with the Social Justice Film Festival & Institute and hope that you feel inspired to support this experience of film and fellowship. Please review our sponsorship packet and join us in bringing this year’s festival to homes across Seattle and the country!

We hope you will join us!

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