Elm Kids

Elm Kids: The Adventures of Urban Scavenging

Saturday, October 17,  6:30 pm, University Christian Church

By suggested donation of $5

Maura Cotter, 10 min, USA

Explore the deviant world of dumpster diving and collective living in this short documentary about repurposing ‘garbage’, sharing food, and loving friendships. Elm Kids: The Adventures of Urban Scavenging demonstrates how people in Long Beach, CA are working together to use the resources being discarded in the waste stream. The film features a group of friends living downtown who integrate dumpster diving into their weekly practice. They hope to eliminate some of the unfortunate squandering of goods normalized in the capitalistic system of the United States. Through Food Not Bombs, the roommates spread their innovative ideas to the mainstream culture by distributing free, vegan food to the wider community.


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