Il Rosa Nudo

Giovanni Coda. 70m. Italy


Il Rosa Nudo (Naked Rose) is an experimental film inspired by the life of the French ‘Pink Triangle’ deported Pierre Seel and by his autobiography Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexual. At the very young age of seventeen, Sell was arrested by the Nazis on charges of homosexuality and sent to a concentration camp. He survived this terrifying experience of torture and humiliation, and after the war he married, had three children, and tried to live a normal life. In 1982, however, he came to terms with his past and his true nature and decided to publicly reveal what he and thousands of other homosexuals branded with the Pink Triangle had undergone during the Nazi regime. In 1982 he was the first homocaust survivor to denounce the atrocities he witnessed.

3111495_lighterThe film depicts in a theatrical and evocative way the Homocaust, focusing on the scientific theories of SS Physician Carl Peter Værnet for the treatment of homosexuality, which paved the way for the Nazi persecution of gay men. The film has been totally self-produced with a crowd funding financing.
 Due to the controversial topics covered in the film and despite the warm and moved reception from the audience during the screening of it, the local Sardinian Film Commission and the local Authorities denied any kind of support to the promotion of Il Rosa Nudo.

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