Stepping Toward the Lion

Stepping Toward the Lion 1_sm

Sunday, October 26, 3pm, NW Film Forum

Stepping Toward the Lion: Finding My Story chronicles the journey of a young African-American Muslim as he ventures through an interfaith storytelling group and gains a new perspective on life after dealing with years of prejudice and bullying. As we follow Alaudeen on his journey, we will meet children from many different faith traditions. In preparation for a special performance on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Alaudeen practices telling a story from his faith tradition to his peers in the group, ultimately leading Alaudeen to a gradual inner acceptance of his identity and religion. Storytelling enables Alaudeen to better understand and overcome the one major obstacle that stands between him and his future: his fear. (John Lyden, 30 min, USA)


Stepping Toward the Lion 3_sm

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