The Vigil


Fri., Oct. 24, 7 pm, $10
University Christian Church

StrangerTicketsThe Vigil is the story of Gina and a small group of undocumented mothers on the front lines of the battle over immigration in America.  Armed with their faith and tradition, the women set out to stop America’s groundbreaking anti-immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, from going into effect in Arizona.  The women risk arrest and deportation as they gather day and night on the Arizona State Capitol lawn, holding vigil in front of the legislators and in the patrol area of the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  As the women transform the vigil into a refuge for their community, they begin a journey out of the shadows and into the heart of an intergenerational immigrant movement that is asking us to take another look at what it means to be a citizen.

Through the lens of immigration, The Vigil explores the human experience of how individuals and communities in the eye of a political firestorm negotiate their dignity both for themselves and their children.  How do we find a place of peace, or respite and strength in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and upheaval?

The Vigil also takes an intimate look at the moment of “political” awakening for the main characters, Gina and Rosa.  At its heart, The Vigil is a story of mothers risking everything to create a different world for their children, and in doing so, gives us a window onto the creation of a new generation of Americans. The film also provides an often unseen look at the role of faith in the movement for immigrant rights.

This is a story of those who are not considered American, making American history. (Jenny Alexander, 56 min, USA)

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